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Do you have a business idea but are unable to find suitable business premises? Are you wanting to make changes, scale up or scale down your existing premises? Are you looking for a reliable rental company with local connections for your business? Then contact us with your requirements. We will let you know as soon as we have found a suitable property for you.

Aktuelle Angebote für Gewerbetreibende

Sonstige, elevator, Year of construction 1994, can be used starting at 01.06.2021, Object # 6377/5/6

Rent with heating costs€ 799,00
Rent excluding bills€ 681,00
Extra charges€ 118,00
LocationJena, Stadt-Mitte
label_wohnflaeche54.50 m²
Object #6377/5/6

Sonstige, Year of construction 1985, can be used starting at sofort, Object # 2082/29/20

Rent with heating costs€ 1.247,00
Rent excluding bills€ 963,00
Extra charges€ 284,00
LocationJena, Winzerla
label_wohnflaeche137.51 m²
Object #2082/29/20

Did you know?

We will help you search for an apartment without requesting a deposit.

 This is because mutual trust is the basis for a good understanding between landlord and tenant. Just call into one of our service centres, let us speak with you and register details of your preferred apartment – and your apartment hunt will be fully up and running.