Convenient parking and security for your car

Garages and parking spaces

Are you looking for a suitable parking place or garage close to your apartment or workplace? We provide our tenants and other residents and staff members from the various area of Jena with good quality car parking facilities at very reasonable terms. That not only means security for your car but, first and foremost, avoids the time-consuming search for a parking space.

You can get information about available parking spaces and garages at ourservice centres located across the city.

Verfügbare Stellplätze

LocationJena, Jena-West
Object #4654/910/325

LocationJena, Winzerla
Object #2145/910/326

LocationJena, Jena-West
Object #4657/920/350

LocationJena, Zwätzen
Object #3350/910/322

LocationJena, Winzerla
Object #2140/910/399