Rural living


The Lobeda district in south Jena has an excellent infrastructure with a variety of services and shopping and leisure facilities.

The housing development at the foot of the Lobdeburg was built between the 1960s and 1980s in a multi-storey construction. With its businesses, chemists, supermarkets, indoor swimming pools and district library, Lobeda is truly a ‘city within a city’. There are various schools to choose from. The medical centre and numerous doctor’s surgeries provide excellent healthcare provision.

Lobeda has good transport connections and is close to the country. It is well connected to the tunnelled motorway and has a well developed tram network. Popular leisure destinations such as Drackendorfer Park, the Saaleuae and the Lobdeburg are easily accessible on foot.

Advantages of the area:

  • charming, scenic location
  • a few minutes away from the country
  • ideal transport connections
  • varied shopping and leisure facilities
  • excellent medical infrastructure
  • rental properties in all price categories

Ausgewählte Wohnangebote von jenawohnen

high standard of living

Our available properties in east Lobeda, west Lobeda and Lobeda Old Town include renovated and partly renovated homes in every price segment. They vary in size and level of furnishings and come with balcony, elevator and a view of the Saale Valley or downtown Jena.

We place particular importance on providing an attractive, family-friendly design for the living environment. Spacious green areas and well maintained playgrounds and barbecue areas create a relaxing environment.

Special events

Whether it’s exhibitions, music concerts or sporting events - with its favourable infrastructure, Lobeda can guarantee numerous special events.

One rather special event, for example, is the arena overture by Jena Philharmonic Orchestra which takes place every summer. The concert, which takes place at the fairground area in west Lobeda, sees the opening of the ‘Kuturarena’ (Cultural Arena), Jena’s biggest music and cultural festival which captivates its many visitors over a four week period.