Living close to nature


With over 3,400 living units, we are the largest housing provider in the Jena-Winzerla area and we give this district its particular appearance.

Lovingly maintained front gardens, colourful flowers on the balconies, popular children’s playgrounds and cosy outdoor seated areas for mingling with neighbours - these are all hallmarks of our housing development in Winzerla.

Families and senior citizens can find an attractive living environment here. In Winzerla, we are increasingly adapting our homes towards the needs of elderly tenants. Families particularly appreciate the good infrastructure, attractive leisure facilities for children and young people and the various educational facilities which include alternative education programmes.

An added benefit is the area’s beautiful location in the southwest of Jena. With ideal links to public transport and the motorway, you can reach the countryside in no time at all from Winzerla.

Advantages of the area

  • beautiful location close to nature
  • well maintained living environment
  • good city links
  • proximity to attractive employers
  • very good transport links
  • favourable rental price-performance ratio