New living space to suit individual needs

Our new-build projects

More and more people are living and working in Jena. We are supporting the dynamic development of our city with a broadscale new-build programme.

Our varied new-build projects in and around Jena will leave none of your wishes unfulfilled. Whether for senior citizens or young families, singles or couples - we are creating living space for every generation and stage of life.

Are you looking for an apartment directly in the city centre or a home in the country with a wonderful view? Is it important to you to live in an eco-friendly home in a climate-friendly wooden building or an innovative passive house? Do you want a home with a garden in family-friendly surroundings? Is accessibility an important factor for you? Then come and talk to us, we have a property that will suit you.

Schützenhof 91
Friedensberg Terraces

Mit dem elfgeschossigen Punkthochhaus der Schützenhofstraße 91, einem Wahrzeichen und Orientierungspunkt im Gebiet, entstehen nach Kernsanierung bis Ende 2020 31 großzügige 2- bis 4-Raum-Wohnungen.