Better living quality within your own four walls

Our wohnenplus modernisation programme

With our ‘wohnenplus’ service, we can design your home to suit your own individual wishes and requirements. Whether through high-quality furnishings, easy to clean materials or the removal of barriers, together we will pave the way to improved comfort and security for you. This is so that you can feel comfortable in your own home and live for as long as possible in a familiar environment.

wohnenplus showroom

Our ‘wohnenplus’ showrooms let you see what modernisation measures are feasible.

In addition, we offer you free, non-binding advice about how we can help you to renovate your living areas. Sample layouts and materials enable you to quickly establish what is suitable for your home. We will even be happy to establish quick contact with tradesmen and coordinate the next steps for you. We can offer you various financing options to help ensure that the modernisation costs are within your budget and are kept manageable.

Did you know?

In 2013, ‘wohnenplus’ was nominated for the immobilienmanager Award. A top panel of judges placed our service amongst the top 3 in the ‘placement and consultation’ category. There were 150 business entrants in ten different categories.

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