Working with people - for people

Assistance for our tenants

As the largest housing provider in Jena, we take responsibility for our tenants. Their needs are central to our business. We want to be there for you, even in difficult circumstances.

Are you having financial difficulties? Can you no longer afford your rent or your rental payments are already in arrears? Is a neighbourly disagreement threatening to escalate?

Come to us whenever you need some help. Our social management staff can advise you about rental arrears, provide you with support in emergency situations, help you to resolve problems and settle disputes. Our staff are points of contact for all kinds of complaints. They can also provide assistance in organising relocation for elderly people. In all these areas, they work closely with associations and local social services.

Our social management staff will provide you with support and advice around the following topics:

  • Moving home
  • Rental arrears
  • Complaints
  • Problems with neighbours
  • Remedial measures
  • Emergency aid (wohnschirm)
  • Living in old age

Are you experiencing difficult circumstances? Do you have financial problems? With the wohnschirm project, we offer support for tenants in crisis situations.

Rental arrears

Can you no longer afford your rent? Are you already behind with your rental payments? Then this requires urgent action.

Moving home

Do you want to change apartments due to age-related or health reasons? Use our special removals service!

Housing benefit

Would you like to apply for housing benefit? We will assist you with your application.

Wohnen im Alter
Living in old age

Do you want to adapt your living space to suit you in old age? Are you looking for a barrier-free apartment? We will help you in your search.

Tenant get togethers

Do you delight in making new acquaintances and relish other people’s company? Our tenant get togethers provide you with the opportunity to do this.

WOX – der Wohnexpress
WOX – the ‘Wohnexpress’

Do you need help with doing the shopping or dealing with administrative tasks due to your old age? The staff at WOX will be happy to assist you.


Our city should be kept attractive. We are campaigners for this cause. We want to create value beyond just offering you a place to live.