Counselling service for early intervention

Our assistance with rental arrears payments

Can you no longer afford your rent? Are you already behind with your rental payments?

Then this requires urgent action. Rental arrears can lead to an eviction notice, legal action or your apartment being cleared out. It doesn’t need to come to this. Therefore it’s important that you let us know about your financial problems as soon as possible. We can only provide help if we know about the problem.

Make use of our assistance. Our claims management staff will gladly arrange an appointment with you. All meetings will of course be handled in the strictest confidence.

Finding solutions together.

Our two departments, claims management and social management, work hand in hand with one another. Together with you, our staff will look for an individual solution. For example, they will check whether an instalment payment has been completed or help you to apply for support from official agencies or authorities if necessary.

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Social management
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