Our proposal for spending some recreational time together

Tenant get togethers

Do you delight in making new acquaintances and relish other people’s company? Our tenant get togethers provide you with the opportunity to do this.

Our tenant get togethers at 5 Tieckstrasse and 15 Theobald-Renner-Strasse in Jena-Lobeda are enjoying great popularity. In particular our older residents get the regular opportunity at these events to mingle with their neighbours and friends in a pleasant environment.

Are you interested in coming along? We look forward to seeing you!

Have fun together

There is always a good atmosphere at our tenant get togethers. There is time for chatting, handicrafts, singing and laughing in a social setting. There are even party celebrations. We provide rooms for these events. Our social management staff organise and attend these meetups. This gives us the opportunity to keep in touch with our residents.

Tenant get together in east Lobeda

Tieckstrasse 5

Contact person: Andreas Koczy (social management)

Opening hours: Monday and Thursday 2.30pm - 4.30pm

Tenant get together in west Lobeda

Theobald-Renner-Strasse 15

Contact person: Annegret Pittelkow (social management)

Opening hours: Tuesday 2.30pm - 4.30pm